New sculpt - Nightmare Clown

Hi all! Wow, hasn't it been a long time... I hope that you are all well. A number of years back I was heavily into miniature sculpture, attempting to create my own brand of spooky clown figurines. I took a break from sculpting to further my understanding of things in 2D and to re-establish some of my lost confidence. Over the years my brain has been in overdrive with concepts that I would love sculpt, if I only had the time, patience and ability. Recently I took the plunge and decided to start a fresh. An old (and admittedly very ropey) concept sketch caught my eye and I decided to use it as a starting point. At this point I have a rough armature and a new concept sketch, which is currently still a work in progress. As Photobucket can no longer be trusted, please accept these humble attachments! Wish...


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Published By: CoolMiniOrNot Forums - 6 days ago


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